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The Metro Atlanta Chapter’s Scholarship/Financial Aid Award Program is designed to provide financial awards to applicable high school seniors or undergraduate students from the Atlanta Metropolitan area matriculating at Alabama State University (ASU). The chapter’s major focus will be on attracting/recruiting high school seniors to ASU. In some critical instances the chapter will support a graduating senior.


The financial award shall be a minimum of $500 per student. Additional funds may be available depending on a needs assessment and the availability of funds as determined by the Awards Committee and approved by the body.




Due to the demand for scholarships, all applicants must complete the application process and be graded based on the scholarship criteria. There shall be no special consideration given to students of chapter members/relatives. The financial awards shall be determined on one or more of the following:

  • Need (students who are academically qualified to attend ASU and need financial support)

  • Recruitment (students who are being considered because of high profile, high academic standards, leadership qualities and 
    who would be an asset to ASU)

  • ASU Program Project (band, student abroad program, etc.)

  • Funds (availability of funds)

  • GPA – 3.0 ACT -18 or SAT- 950


Applying for a Scholarship/Financial Aid Award

Students requesting assistance must complete the Scholarship/Financial Aid Award Application in its entirety. The completed application must be submitted to the Committee by the deadline date as specified on the application. The application must be submitted with: (1) a letter of recommendation from an instructor or professor or counselor verifying the applicant’s moral and personal traits, and (2) a copy of the most recent transcript. 

  • Award recipients will be notified in writing of the scholarship award.

  • Recipients must notify the Committee Chair of their acceptance of the award.

  • If possible, high school seniors will be presented their award during the annual high school recognition day program.

  • Awards will not be disbursed directly to students but to the respective student account.


Download the Scholarship Application and/ or Financial Aid Assistance Application below: 




The application deadlines are no later than APRIL 30th of each academic school year.

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